About S.T.A. Roof Techs

Since opening for business in 2004, S.T.A. Roof Techs has been a top choice for the commercial, industrial and residential roofing needs of Northern Indiana, Chicagoland and Southern Michigan. Our award-winning success has been well-earned and is a result of our commitment to providing the highest quality roofing services available today. Equipped with the latest technological tools, and our highly skilled team, we have consistently demonstrated the ability to take on projects of any size. Our team's combined experience and deep knowledge of the roofing industry is applied to every project we do.

Our expertise in commercial, industrial, and residential roofing and repair has enabled sustainable growth and new business opportunities. From our management to our technical staff and skilled workers on the rooftops, S.T.A. Roof Techs is just a phone call, email, or text away for all of your roofing needs.